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El Falı

Başarı %90 Kredi 1950
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Ortalama 65 dakikada yorum yapıyor.
15/05/2019 tarihinden beri 55 el falı baktı
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  • Wow. Wonderful reading. She is always great. Thanks a lot ❣️
  • Good but i am confused after this reading!
  • Wonderful Reading☺
  • you really are the best, I could feel the connection with me. It was a great in depth reading. GREAT GREAT THANKS
  • Woooowww amaazinggg reading!!! You are incredible!! Thank you very much my dear. Very detail and long reading.
  • i like her reading she is so positive and detailed reading
  • Great reading!
  • thank you it was a little confusing but i think i know What your trying to say thank you love and enjoy your day also
  • Was a very generic reading and didn’t really match me well
  • U say so over of happiness and good stuffs This is not my real life i don’t feel it not at all , it’s look like it’s fake some how totally fake
  • yeah im so tension
  • can you tell me if i should do some actions or i have to wait for him? and i want the first letter of him
  • I couldn't understand much what she was saying.
  • Thank you <3


Başarı %93 Kredi 2000
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Ortalama 65 dakikada yorum yapıyor.
15/05/2019 tarihinden beri 106 durugörü baktı
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  • Fantastic x
  • Amazing. Absolutely amazing 🙏💕
  • Thank you so much ❤❤❤
  • Thank you for your insight I appreciate it.
  • Did not understand a thing in my reading, everything was repeated over and over again. Definitely wouldnt recommend. So confusing and very unclear and not andwered.
  • should I contact him or not?
  • Wow I thank you I'm always overthinking I have to trust God and know that all thing will work out for my good. You are a very beautiful person thank you for allow God to use you to confirm what's in my heart.
  • Love her!!!!!!OMH!!!!Everything she says, i am at the very beginning of the end of a crisis situation with my Soulmate, In this lifetime Trust her, To guide you. Anything is possible!!!! You just to be positive, believe it with all of your heart, And be fortunate enough to have this wonderful women to guide you!!!! I love you Aybi Bakol.... You're really great ❤❤❤
  • Incomplet reading reapeting same thingfor few times but not straight away of what i was asking. She is kind and sorry for. Giving this review but expected a bit more in detail and not reapetung same thing
  • Thanks for good positive reading
  • Amazing reading. Thank you so much Aybi for the such an honest and detail reading. I recommend Aybi Bakol. She is a great kind positive psychic.I Love you so much.
  • Same reading as last for different question...Lots of time "Him" was used but my question was sbout Her..Not happy with this reading..seems like copy past
  • Ok she's positive girl i like her talking style and give you positive energy but i don't think her receding so good .. any way i love her she's kindly
  • Aoife miney is a girl I really like can't stop thicking about her all the time I I'm worried she like my twin brother more then me
  • Very detailed reading. Gives me a lot of hope. Thanks a lot, hope it comes true.
  • Thank you
  • Very good reading! Very clear and acured! Thank you lots!!!
  • I am trying to break up with gim. Ut verry fifficult and when ill meet this new man pls thank u so much😘
  • Thank you for reading.
  • ????
  • Thank you very much for the reading
  • I'm not sure cause one I asked about my mom .and brother . An a friend who haves pass on but she said there coming soon in to my life? I hope I'm not dieing soon and there only one guy in my life .but for some reason I feel she was tell me there was 2 not sure.? # but what I could understand of the reading. I all seems to be good. And I wasn't look for a love reading and that a bout all I got out sorry I couldn't make out most of it. And it seems like a lot of it was a repeat. But she seems be nice .im sorry I can't do the 5
  • Thank you so much❤️❤️
  • Very nice reading !! :)
  • Who is he is it cardell or brad or somebody new? Me and cardell haven’t got in a relationship yet we’re just communicating I want to know if it’s cardell or brad or somebody new ? I really do like cardell and I want to know if the person you talking about is cardell, and did I not meet him yet ? And do you see me graduating mid. College in December?
  • This reading was good.she gave good advice hope to have her read for me again
  • How am i suppose to ask my question as a reply to the reading you gave me if the question reply box has been removed.. whats going on with this application. No daily credits.. no question reply box. Im sorry i did like your reading over all but i cant reply to you. I have something i want to ask and they took the reply box off.where am u suppose to reply to u? What am i suppose to buy another reading? This is confusing. :( and upsetting.
  • Her English isnt good at all but overall she was accurate about everything .

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