Sign: Pisces

Sonja Gonzalez

Connect with the cards and allow the universe to speak to you.


Natural empath and intuitive. Through tarot and dream interpretation, I help to identify and move past road blocks that occur in daily life. Allowing your to reunite with your higher self and fulfill your Divine Path.


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  • We been together for about 2years.he told me he loves me,has strong feelings 4 me or was that a lie he told me? Was he ever serious with me in our relationship or it was just all about sex? Im askin about the girl he met wen me,him brokeup.we brokeup cuz i kept acusin him of cheatin but he said he never cheated on me durin our relationship,it stressed him out i kept acusin him with no proof but wen he met the newgirl was with her he couldnt stop talkin,thinkin about me so they kept fightin,they brokeup.thats y im askin if they really did breakup,not together anymore or he lied 2 me? If they did breakup completely than will they get back together or between him,the girl it wasnt serious just a fun thing they had? Do they still see eachother, have sex with eachother or they dont anymore? Will me & him have a future together long term?(im not askin about marriage cuz thats 2 soon 2 think about but if theres marriage in the future thats nice) .can u please answer my questions i would appreciate it alot.thank you! :)
  • Didn’t answer my question . Had me question her ability in a way , was this really a reading for me ?
  • Thank you
  • Made the subject about a whole completely different thing that I was not worried about, and was not detailed at all and I had a delay in my reading and never texted me back .
  • The reading was good thanks love❤❤❤❤


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