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Yalena Aydan reader of Dreams, Katina Cards
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Yalena Aydan
Genuine Clairvoyant Insight and Guidance...
Sign: Libra
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99 % Score | 17,5USD
Has made 80 readings since 01/23/2017
Average response time 31 minutes

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Very short. Didn't help much.


Very good ... highly recommend! you won’t be disappointed .

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Has made 342 readings since 01/23/2017
Average response time 72 minutes

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Thank you


Thank you for your reading


THank you I really liked it !

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Has made 1328 readings since 01/23/2017
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Very accurate and detailed reading!


I love her readings- i think she is a real psychic, a very kind one at that and she always gives me great advice. Thank you


It is very good, but I feel the reading has gotten shorter and less detailed recently (it may be because she did not see more though). still very helpful and great reading.


Really great reading. I hope it all comes true!


Very detailed reading. Thank you


Her reading comes back very quickly but usually with a lot of details and tailored to your question, unlike some readers who just gives generic reading of tarot meanings. She also gives really great advice and I feel almost like asking close girlfriends for an advice.


Gifted and talented reader. She gives great advice too.


Yalena is amazing and very detailed. I thank her for her kindness and open heart. She is the best of the best. I would definitely recommend giving her a try ! Lots of love from the cats and me :) god bless you with a beautiful life!


Constantly great and sympathetic reading. Really good advice too. Thanks!


Much recommended, she is always very helpful to guide me.


Her readings are almost always great with a lot of details and accuracy with good advice. Thank you!


She is always great. Detailed, sympathetic and positive and the readings are constantly in good quality.


MOST TALENTED PERSON ON THIS SITE. She is extremely accurate and provides so many details with each reading. She takes the time to explain the meaning of each card + how that card relates to your question + the impact of that card on your life/question. Words can’t describe how truly amazing she is, I would recommend her. She is worth the money, she doesn’t have such high ratings for nothing. Thank you beautiful Yalena!


Yalena is literally just as if not more beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She connected with me on such a deep level, she could see everything and feel everything that I have been feeling. She has brought tears of joy, new feeling of hope, and relief to me during my darkest hours. She is so gifted and so talented, and it is a blessing having her read my fortune. I will DEFINITELY be back to see her, she is so kind and so sincere and genuinely wants to help people. Thank you so much. May god bless you with an abundance of peace, happiness, success, and above all good health to you and your family!


Her readings are detailed and accurate, it is great! Also I like it that her readings are sincere and explains the cards well in your own context in a positive manner.


Always great, she is spot on about many things and also she gives me good advice! Thanks as always!


I can really recommend her - Very sincere and personal. Thanks a lot!


Cok tesekkurler sanki icimi okudunuz isallah kizimin engeli ortadan kalkar ve cok basarili olur


Amazing reading! Got all the answers to all the questions. Reading was just perfect! Thank you very very much!


Very nice and personable reading- I hope it will come true :) thanks!


Beautiful reading :)))) very true


Always very accurate and helpful reading- thanks a lot! :)


Thanks for your reading! sending you lots of love from London


Thanks for your reading was nice :)


Detailed and sincere reading- I hope it becomes true!


Great reader, very talented


The information she gave me is accurate, i recommend her:)


Nice and positive reading, with some helpful advice. I will try again!


Good reading