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I know that my journey has started in a winter night when the sun is in Pisces and the ascendant in Aries. I had many trainings like everyone does. Firstly I completed my Design education in Fine Art faculty and then got my double major in the department of Western Languages and Literatures in the section of English Language and Literature. I actually can say that I, the way people perceive, have been completed my trainings. I think I am strictly attached to the student archetype and I think the most appropriate definition for me in this ethereal and biological body is "Lifelong Student".I believe that my spiritual journey in my past and future lives is constantly continuing. I came in this World to experience everything that I have been given for completing my evolution and I believe that it will continue for forever in many dimensions, energies and a new being form until it reaches the level of nothingness.At the same time I believe that there have been hundreds of past and future lives of mine, and I believe that these lives feed my spiritual existence and talent. For that reason I believe that I will be able to give my followers a much deeper and different Tarot experience.I can name the Tarot experience I have been giving here as a Spiritual Tarot Counseling and I would like to ask you to ask me for your reading in this awareness. I would like to say that you will not be able to be given information on the topics such as place/city names, person names or and magic but only a physical and emotional descriptions and dates of outcomes.I believe that everyone needs a spiritual counseling at all times and in any case because I know that people have different thresholds. When these thresholds force people to talk about, my spiritual counseling help them about looking out windows they do not dare look or see.Tarot allows people to guide their future by means of predictions. I simply point out the options to my followers and I’d like to say that the Spiritual Tarot Counseling I give is not a prophecy or a miracle, but only the external reference that you really are in need of.During my Spiritual Tarot Consulting you will discover your borders, habits, lifestyles, perspectives, events and people, and even the characteristics of yours depending upon your spiritual existence, and most importantly you will be able to be aware of how these elements affect your choices and lives. You will eventually meet with the truth which will give you a piece of good news back to the happy future. In this context, I evaluate each tarot reading with my followers to see if there is any progress without forcing them away the REALITY they live in. My main goal here is not to adapt my point of view to yours, but to offer you more options in yours. Because I know very well that we all have different thoughts and experiences in the context of past-present-future, and we all have different moods, interests and lives. So what I am giving you is simply a Spiritual Tarot counseling in connected with the goals, needs and wishes of yours in real. May my readings be a light to your lives and may them will move you to a happy future.Love,Turgut BICAKCI

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  • I’ve had several readings from Turgut and he never ceases to amaze me. He is extremely compassionate, empathetic, detailed, and very clear with his readings. I greatly appreciate Turgut’s gifted talents! Thank you again Turgut and May god continue to bless you!
  • Çok güzel ve samimi bir yorum oldu.. çok teşekkür ederim
  • Thanks but not clear enough
  • Always amazing , thank you
  • last time when I was honest with her she told me i’m not dealing with her anymore talk with advisor and write apeal paper if I want and when I be honest said oh then it’s lesson for you. and she already knew they truth she was strict about it. do you have email I can talk to you more about it in detail?
  • What an amazing reading so detailed and accurate he knew everything about me Thankyou so much for my reading I can’t wait for my future ️
  • Nice reading, wish it all turns out true
  • Amazing!
  • Loved his reading .. thank u again for the nice and positive reading ️
  • Very detailed, the best
  • Amazing and very helpful and caring , his reading blow the mind ... thank you
  • Wonderful reading really helpful and detailed and accurate
  • Love you so so much, thank you so much. Now I feel relieved
  • Very detailed reading and certain caution are advised and ill take care of it...thank u so much
  • Great reading. There was some parts of the reading I could not fully understand but he answered quite quickly to tell me what it meant.
  • Really thoughtful reading that goes much beyond just telling you what the card means (some readings I had on this site was very generic while some other readers, including him, give a very detailed reading with good advice). Also good English so easier to understand the reading. I will definitely try again. I hope the predictions come true!
  • Nice and descriptive reading. Hope the reading comes true. :)
  • He is so accurate in his readings of my fortune and always provides me with details that really help me understand my current situation from a different point of view. Thank you for your continued guidance the piece of mind you always provide me with and relief from stress at the end of each reading you do for me. You are an extremely distinguished and gifted individual. Thank you for the reading
  • Good, thanks
  • Every single reading by Turgut is profoundly MIND BLOWING. He is accurate about everything and I appreciate his readings so much. I have used his services several times all with great outcomes. I HIGHLY recommend Turgut. Thanks so much Turgut for your perfect and meaningful readings! Bonus: His English is amazing, better than anyone else on this site.
  • Thank you
  • I don't know how he does it, but he connects with me on the deepest level possible every time he tells me my fortune. He is able to empathize how I am feeling and interpret the feelings of other people in my life and incorporates that insight into answering my question. It blows my mind how deep, to the core or where The origin of my feelings and questions stem from. It's nice knowing how the other person is feeling and why the other person isn't making moves and knowing what conflicts are in their life that is affecting the outcome of my life. Thank you again for your exceptional and moving Tarot reading for me again. God bless you, hope you have a lifetime of success, happiness, and good health. Will be back!
  • Excellent reader, thank you
  • Positive reading. Didn't ignore my specific question
  • Jharika
  • This is my second reading with Turgut and I am still so impressed by his readings. He goes into so much detail, and can tell you how others are feeling and how those feelings impact your life. He is beyond amazing. I feel so blessed to know him. I will never got to anyone else other than Turgut. He is honest and he is real. I hope god blesses him in the same way Turgut has blessed my life with his beautiful readings. Thanks again Turgut!
  • If you read his about me section, he has studied English, and I can tell you he has perfected it. He doesn't use a translator which makes the readings easier to understand and the meaning of the words don't get lost in translation. He answered all my questions, not just at the surface level but he dug deep and analyzed my situation for me. His insight is unmatched and he is by far the most talented reader I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I thank him for his incredibly detailed and incredibly accurate insight, and all the love he put into reading my tarot cards. Saying thank you Just doesn't seem enough for the magnitude of closure and insight his reading brought me. Truly amazing, I can hardly believe it. Thanks again
  • It's great. Strongly recommended!
  • Very detailed and helpful reader, thank you
  • Thanks for your reading.
  • It was a hopeful reading
  • Excellent reading Thank you for being so kind your words resonate deeply.. Many blessings to you..
  • I don't know. Hopefully it'll come true
  • beyond great.You must try. thanks turgut
  • Great great great
  • Im f...ckin impressed. U must try his reading. Thanks for the reading and your soul Turgut
  • I had Amazing tarot experience with him. What he told me is like a light end of the tunnel. He is the best on this website
  • OMG!!!!!He is gorgeous person with uber-talent regarding tarot reading. It was the first time and I am stupified. endless*****stars
  • thank you for the reading
  • Thanks for your soul,Turgut. You're real psychic because You're the one who care about other people,who belive that your gift is meant to help the ones in need. You're very self-confident regarding what you're talking about ,polymath, perceptive but normal person with a very special gift.You're a specialist in love life readings but also you make spritual healing and astral readings. So if you have any question,dont hessitate to ask for turgut's help with his reading!
  • This was the first time but Im pretty sure I will have his reading again and again. I was suprised by Turgut's reading so was a great experience for me because he has super spritual vision which gave me a lead. I've really loved, felt it and recieved advice on what I am in need of. Perfect, he has unique talent you must try.
  • Good
  • He is really good at showing warmth and emphaty like a psychotherapist.His turn of phrase, the way reading the cards ,is very sophisticated but easily understandable.He provided me to a consistent and acceptable future plan with his reading.He is not unrealistically hopeful and he knows how to strike a balance between realism and optimism.Thanks mr. BICAKCI

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