Saira Sara


About me:Fast, accurate, straightforward, compassionate psychic reader that will help you finding your right path. I use my special gifts of Eastern Tools to see your present, past, and future. I am also expert in NATURAL HEALING & CHAKRA HEALING. I have many spiritual abilities to resolve your problems and answer your burning questions. I have already rendered countless readings to the clients around the world. Do not hesitate to reach out to me. I will give you the answers of your questions burning in your mind.IS YOUR HEART YEARNING FOR LOVE??? OPEN YOUR HEART TO NEW POSSIBILITIES!!! WHAT COMES NEXT??? Is he/she will be yours??? Is he/she is your sincere life partner??? DISCOVER YOUR DESTINY WITH A PSYCHIC READING. I can tell you when where how you will meet??? Do you in a relationship BUT not SURE where it’s going??? Are you wondering if he/she is your TRUE LOVER??? Are you thinking what’s next in career for you??? Find out in which direction your career is going!!! I am natural born psychic reader. I have been working the last 12 years. Im honest and caring psychic. I would like to help you and will definitely lead you towards the best way of life and towards the brighter future. I’ve helped others I’ve delivered my services of psychic readings to my clients throughout the world. I can and will put you on the right track in life. Theres no problem to big or small that I can’t help with if you are looking for an experienced psychic reader. Reach out to me I will unfold the truth as I dislike sugar coating film and false telling of truth. I will tell you what I see and feel not what you want to hear. So please be ready to hear the truth. I can lead you the way of happiness. Will tell you how to spend a prosper life. Don’t worry about your love life, marriage life, friendship. You will definitely get the answers you deserve. I specialized in LOVE RELATIONSHIP CAREER FINANCE SOULMATE CONNECTION and FUTURE CONCERN. I can tell you past, present and future. I just need your NAME and DOB for the reading. I will nourish your mind body and soul. CHAT NOW for a reading that will make you contentment. I am also a QUICK TYPIST. I am good accurate in timeframe and true predictions. My predictions are amazing.Experience: I am a natural born Gifted psychic reader. I was born with my natural God given abilities that I have used to help hundreds of clients nationwide. Within all of my years of experience, I have done a vast number of psychic readings, and have helped many. I have studied my abilities for over 10 years, and I am now at my strongest point with my gifts. I always do my readings with the combination of Psychic reading, Tarot, Precognition, Remote Viewing, Spirit guides, Visions and Vibrations. I do have an experience of more than 10 years in the field. I work with my own guides and visions to give an overall accurate reading every time. I will give you True, Accurate, Honest and Trusted Readings always. I will also give you the inspiration, motivation and guidance you need to move forward with your life. I will give you real solutions to your problems helping you gain the results you desire in life, love, relationships, soul mate situations, business and much more.I know you are seeking advice and answers that are important to you and you want the truth. I will be honest with what I see and I ask that you please be open to the information I provide, sometimes it is not always what you may want there, but I do provide solutions for you. If you just want to know what he or she is thinking, I can tell you, but I can go beyond that and help provide you with options and hope. I work with my intuition, tarot and crystals. Often our problems are rooted in emotions I can feel out emotions and use crystals to help you find a solution so you can achieve what you want in life. Will you ever find true love? Will your current relationship improve? My approach is a little different, but it works. I try to make you feel comfortable, at ease and empowered! You will enjoy my honest yet proactive readings. If you want a down to Earth, honest reader, who will help you find solutions to your questions, give me a call. Im here to help. I provide you with honesty, please be ready to accept it and the solutions to your questions and you will have a great reading. I am doing this all since my childhood. Since then I have been using them to the fullest power leaving a end result of powerful accurate and meaningful psychic readings. I use tools other psychic’s lack. Tools that you cannot study, tools I have within my own spirit. I have been using my abilities which include spirit guides, visions, vibrations, and much more to help a vast amount of people all over the world. Most importantly I love helping people with my psychic readings.



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  • Thank you xx
  • Thank you..🌻❤
  • Thank you so much for your insight I appreciate you.
  • Thank you so much for your reading, Saira! I really, really, REALLY hope that you are correct! 🙂
  • Thank you so much for your insight I appreciate it.
  • Thank you so much..speak to you soon
  • thank u🙏
  • thanks
  • Why do i keep meeting men that says i love you so freely ? How come it takes long to meet the right one
  • ok thank you I just need to know who she is and they were in a relationship I know this and he is driving to places that are very weird I see it on map he's driving thank you for doing my reading The other reader never did mine
  • Thank u i was very confused and he better apologise lol thank u again 💙
  • God Bless you Sara!🙂 Very caring, and spot on reading!🙂💕
  • Wonderful reading:) Thank you so much😍
  • Thankyou so much dear for your guidance...
  • Mam the girl I mentioned kinduni he already dating a guy I jus wanted to know wether myboyfriend like her . And do you feel any other guy likes me other than my boyfriend as you said there’s many girls like him .
  • Thankyou for your honest advise and and guidance dear..
  • thank u but how much time should i wait and give him? until i found out that he hasnt interest in me at all
  • Thank you!
  • thank you
  • thank u, i just i am waiting 2 months now and being patient and all..😔
  • thnxx alot
  • ♥️
  • very detailed reading
  • yeah righ i have been patient 3 months and what a get? to unfollow me thanks
  • thanks
  • hard to hear but thank you
  • thanks i hope u are right 😔
  • I was really confused when you said i will not be able to handle the nose surgery then you said it will be a sucessful surgery woth no probles
  • This is the best reading by far ever I really appreciate your honesty and true wisdom you're truly a blessing please people request her she's the best by far and very accurate I really appreciate it once again . Thank you and God bless I will keep and touch.
  • Good
  • Thank u great reading and she did not ask for 5 stars... so u wil get 5 stars from me:)
  • Thank you ❤️
  • thank u🙏
  • very generic, but thank you
  • thank u🙏
  • She was super on point and I will defiently purchase another reading thankyou for the clarification.
  • So should i stop talking to his unk eddie or his auntie mary since she believe everything he says should i stop being aroud them but overall my reading was amazing u need a promotion u was so on point and didnt suger coat anything baby. U are a star
  • Thank you
  • too long
  • She is the best... definitely reccommand..
  • thank you so much :)
  • Lovely reading and understanding! Highly recommended reader! 💕
  • Really good and accurate reading!

Coffee Cup

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Average response time 40 minutes
Has made 120 readings since 01/01/2020
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  • Great reading!!
  • thanx alot
  • thank you!
  • many thanks ♥ ️ I'm excited ... I hope everything gets better Take care of yourself stay healthy
  • Thank u i hope that ♥️
  • Thank you?
  • Thank you !
  • very good
  • thank u 🙏
  • Thank youu. <3 I love it!
  • thank u so much 🙏
  • thank u 🙏
  • thank u 🙏
  • Thank you. Hopefully all turns out as indicated.
  • Thank you dear fore the beautiful reading. Very clear and detailed. Although it’s my first reading but i liked it. I really hope all you wrote will truly happen. Cant wait to have more readings in the future
  • Ok
  • Great!!! Thank you:)
  • She is very accurate and answered all of my questions


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