Jessica Alice

Love and Relationship Specialist


I am an expert and humane clairvoyant, tarot peruser and medium. I have two Psychology degrees and represent considerable authority in affection, relationship and life questions. I additionally offer Life Purpose Coaching for you to make your objectives and progress in all parts of your life. I can assist you with creating a more promising time to come. I additionally help individuals who need assistance with wretchedness, confidence issues, and adapting to the passing of a friend or family member. I trust it is in every case better to know reality and proceed onward that point. In my 20 years experience filling in as a lightworker, I include helped numerous individuals inside my very own private practice. I have an energy with working with the all inclusive life power. With the celestial domain, they guided and guided me for a mind-blowing duration. Through the procedure of Aquarian Healing Treatments, I had the option to conquer injury an earlier time, my otherworldly advancement developed all the more significantly. I can go through profound domains and discover what your perfect partner is thinking and feeling about you. Previous existences can make destruction. I can assist you with living right now and evacuate the hinders that are making worry for you. All things considered, this is about otherworldly development and your welfare. With my involvement in the saintly domain and strolling other individuals perspective, I comprehend the feelings that are connected to any life issue that you may have. I have additionally discovered that the sky is the limit when you see the master plan.



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  • thank you
  • Positive
  • This really helped a lot ! It gave me a lot more Clarification
  • Don't know if her interpretation is accurate but it was positive. Can't give it 5 stars as I have to see if it happens in time given.
  • thanks for the advice ♥️♥️
  • I loved this, Thank you so much!!!
  • but u said that I have stored good energies already in ur last reading.this reading says that it will happen in 2 months.
  • thamk you
  • Your are very inaccurate
  • thank you


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