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Paul Dickinson


I am an open minded and friendly man originating Southern Africa. I offer experienced and personalised spiritual readings in hope of bringing clarity and joy to all. I primarily read tarot and oracle cards but I have experience with many different systems, especially a variety of cartomancy methods, numerology and colour therapy. I began exploring lifes many intriguing elements through divination in hope to benefit and better my own. I trust the timing of our lives and that our interests will transpire in perfect Universal order - My reading and guidance style leans towards heartfelt introspection into achieving our goals, living in alignment with what we desire and looking inward to manifest outward. Calling all individuals interested in insightful and empathetic experiences with intent on leading them closer toward the life they wish to live. If youre finally ready to follow your dreams, I am here to help you make steady progress on pursuing your greatest plans and hearts desire. Dreams cant remain just that indefinitely Its time to start living the life you wish for and finding clarity on how to proceed on the path toward you aspirations. If you embrace the idea of an intuitively individualised reading that compliments your own personal energy, unique qualities, important ideals and one of a kind purpose that you bring to our world, then it would be my pleasure to guide you. I remind you that the future neednt always be predicted - its up to you to create it! You can expect clarity carried through a mixture of one or more of the following specialities of mine: Tarot and oracle reading, colour therapy, clairaudient insights, clairvoyant flashes, numerology, sound and lyrics, physical movements, pendulum dowsing, scrying and many more methods. I greatly look forward to reading for you and leading you in your divine direction. Kind regards, Paul.


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  • Great thank u
  • Thanku ?
  • thank u
  • Lovely reading Paul!!!!?☺ The reading was wonderful, you said things that are really true, you are incredible! He also explained everything correctly and in detail!! I highly recommend Paul!!! He is awesome!! Keep up the great work dear!!☺?
  • Thanks
  • thank u u are the best i will come back again
  • i got to great detailed reading thank you
  • the best detailed reading ever thank u so much


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