Zainee Mehjooria reader of Tarot Cards, Dreams
Illustrative Photograph
Sign: Virgo

Zainee Mehjooria

God-gifted Psychic Reader. Love & Relationship issues.


God-gifted Psychic Reader. Love & Relationship Problems, Cheating & Affairs, Marriage & Finance, Job & Career issues, Soulmate Connection etc. Claivoyant, Clairscient & Empath. No sugar-coated response. Get Accuracy, Satisfaction and Clarity. ===== INTRODUCTION TO MY SERVICES ===== I am a God gifted Psychic Reader. My experience is more than 20 years in the mentioned fields. The people, who are badly affected by any social, moral, financial or personal problems, they can have a live session with me. With the help of psychic powers, I will destroy your problems, before they destroy you. I have an extensive background in dealing with the crisis situation and working with individuals going through extreme emotional turmoil. I am caring, compassionate and nonjudgmental. Get clarity on your future. Amazing response. I am a great listener and will allow you the time you need to express your feelings about your circumstances. Sometimes, we really need to get it all out before we are ready to sit back. Take a deep breath, and let someone help and guide you in a new direction, or teach you to mend the path we are on. I believe we can change anything, and that there are no mistakes, and we should have no regrets. Regret stems situations we have not yet learned . In order to make changes, we need to look at ourselves as well as those around us. I am compassionate, sympathetic and polite in my dealing. I am also a realist. If you are in a path that is simply not going to work out for you I won’t spin you a fairy tale. You need to know what your real options are so you can make clear choices, positive decisions, and get on a path that is going to bring you true happiness. I speak clearly, sweetly and directly. No doubt, I work with serious consideration, love, and care because of the deep and sincere emotions involved. When you contact me, I take a moment to connect with you. I try to go through your energy to see and feel what is going on in your life. My top priority is to help the maximum by showing you the right path. I want to assure you that you will get 100 truth and honesty. My readings are 100 accurate, wonderful, powerful and to the point. Combination of psychology, general knowledge, and psychic powers enable me to help you in the best possible way. My psychic readings have brought peace to many whom I have read for. Contact me today, and experience a psychic reading like no other. Live chat and email readings.


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86 % Rating     175 Credit
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Average response time 114 minutes
Has made 31 readings since 09/21/2018
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  • I specifically asked about future and got no predictions.
  • I loved my reading. It helped me think about and clear up a lot of confusion. It gave me so much hope.
  • Thank your advice to remain hopeful is well received You know well what is in my heart
  • Excellent reading, he's very honest, helpful and kind, impressive definitely highly recommended
  • The best
  • Thank you so much. Wonderful and amazing reading. Thank you for helping me clear my mind. god bless you and love and light to you.
  • thanks so much the solutions really help me
  • I must say I was shocked that it was a very good reading . Better than some I have had on this app. Lovely man
  • Very good reading, thank you!!!
  • Just got the reading i cant say about the accuracy at this point of time!
  • Thank you

Tarot Cards

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92 % Rating     175 Credit
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Average response time 55 minutes
Has made 45 readings since 09/21/2018
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  • Thank you so so much you made my day
  • Just one more thing I will meet with him at my work or out my work
  • He is very humble
  • Your help is really helpful and very much pleasant.
  • Very accurate and detailed reading
  • He is very detailed and accurate with great excellence in clearing things up for your misunderstandings
  • Very caring reading. Thank you so much on your thoughts. Hope to do another reading later . I’m just waiting patiently. Everyone just give him a chance to do your reading. He will tell you what he sees for you. I felt he cares and he connects with you. Thank you once again. Please if you have any updates for me let me know.
  • Coppy paste and he wants points
  • Thank you so much for your positive energy. Simply amazing ️
  • He is a great reader with so much positivity..accurate details and great advices..the best ever ..
  • Sweet and accurate ! Love the reading and will return again.
  • So incredibly clear and very detailed. Thank you so much!
  • Thanks so much
  • Thanks:)


1 orders in the queue
93 % Rating     49 Credit
Text Audio Chat Video Phone
Average response time 42 minutes
Has made 10 readings since 09/21/2018
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  • Thank you so much sir for your precious time Even I also think that I am actually to much worriedly about my future life and because I am not able to put enough efforts to achieve my goals is the very reason of such restless sleep And thanks for the idea of helping poors so that I can forgive myself Thank you very much for actually making me realise my problems now I can work in the direction to solve it And thank you once again for your humble and response
  • He was very helpful and informative thanks !!!!!


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