Our Team
Our Team

Sertaç Taşdelen, from Ankara, Bilkent alumni. The son of Aunty Binnaz. He created Binnaz so that his friends could get readings from Mrs. Binnaz. He abandoned his career which was continuing in Dubai and Singapore to chase his childhood dreams. He loves the outdoors and sports.
Kaya Diker, from Istanbul. The father of Karaca. ITU alumni. Normally a geophysical engineer. While he was doing his masters on ground science, Sertaç persuaded him to join the creation of Aunty Binnaz, and he left his thesis to join the creation. He loves motorcycles, photography, music and DIY. His dream is to become a carpenter.
Görkem Ünel, from Ankara, Knowledgeable. He has been running the Work Development and Marketing of Binnaz for 5 years. He has worked for Digital Marketing companies such as Hepsiburada, Trendyol, Criteo. Cooking and exploring new places are his passion.
Graduated from Fashion and Design at Beykent University. She has participated in more than 12 courses which of Kitchen Art Academy. Throughout her career she worked for different companies such as Avea, İnci Leather, Trendyol, Çiçek Sepeti and Hürriyet. She was as a social media coordinator for a couple of companies. She loves cooking.
He grew up in New Zealand, now living in Turkey. He graduated from Ankara University, Spanish Language and Literature. He is responsible of International Operations at Binnaz. He worked for companies such Zara and Massimo Dutti throughout his career. He loves fashion, basketball, music, video gaming and Beşiktaş.
Tufan Alın
Developer in charge of panel software for Binnaz. Married, has one child. A big Beşiktaş fan, loves watching football, basketball and volleyball, and all kinds of sports. Going to the movies, books and games are his hobbies. Marketing researcher, he worked long years in the natural stone and the food business as a director. But his love of software overcame. He is interested in web technologies, mobile games, and ERP applications. He is developing himself as a full stack developer, and he is learning new things everyday. Through is love of food, he has also developed a belly, besides his software skills.