Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a reading?

You can get your reading in 3 easy steps:

1- SELECT: Choose from the categories listed: coffee cup, tarot cards etc. Select one of our talented psychics, who is currently online.
2- SEND: Provide user details and information required to complete your reading ie photos of coffee cup, tarot cards etc.
3- CHECK OUT: Check out using a credit card or PayPal account.

You will receive a confirmation email with your reading ID number

You will also receive a notification email when your reading is ready.
Please refer to the How It Works section for information on different types of readings.

What are the payment options?

You can make your payment in 2 secure and easy ways:

1- PayPal: either with a PayPal account or by credit card (Note: You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay)

2- Binnaz Credits: either purchased on our website, earned from other readings, or by sharing our link on social media.

When can I expect to receive my reading?

Our average reading response time is approximately 4-12 hours based on your time zone.

How can I see my past readings?

If you would like to see/ review your past readings, you may do so by selecting the ‘connect with facebook’ option. You may see your Binnaz Credit balance here as well.

What are Binnaz Credits? How can I purchase them?

Binnaz Credits can be used to pay for readings on . 10 Binnaz Credits = $1

You may purchase discounted Binnaz Credits on our website, at ‘Buy Binnaz Credits’ link.

You may purchase these credits through PayPal, either with a PayPal account or by credit card. (Note: You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay)

What is your refund policy?

Our team strives to make each and every experience you have on a positive one. If it isn't, we'll credit your account for the amount of the transaction, up to a limit of $35.

To receive a refund, we ask of you to follow a few steps to help us, help you: provide detailed written feedback on the Reader's feedback page describing why the conversation was unsatisfactory. Give the Reader a one-star feedback rating. Submit a customer support request within seventy-two hours of the transaction for which you'd like to be credited. Please include the transaction ID number when submitting your refund request.

We will review your claim, assess if a refund can be made, and credit your account, either partially or entirely. For us to credit your account, you must have a valid payment method on file with Account credits are made in Binnaz Credits and are useable for future readings. We will reimburse up to one unsatisfactory transaction per month.

What are the refund conditions?

We provide you with personal and one-on-one services, due to this, not every time our interpretations meet your expectations. Nonetheless, your satisfaction in the trustworthy hands of

While continuing our effort to keep your satisfaction at the highest level, we do our best to keep the's readers at their fullest potential and content. Therefore, in case of any unsatisfaction, we will look for a solution that will satisfy both sides in any means possible.

I can’t listen to the audio comment, what should I do?

If this issue is caused by our readers recording system, we will investigate the problem, and get in touch with our reader to send you a new voice record as soon as possible.

What is an audio comment?

If you choose audio comment, our reader will make an audio consisting of approximately 6-8 minutes and we will send you this via e-mail which there shall be a link where you can listen to, or download the audio comment on your computer.

What do the stars on the profile of the readers mean?

After completing their 500th reading, readers obtain a star depending on how many credits they have earned.

  • From 93 to 95, 1 star
  • From 95 to 98, 2 stars
  • From 98 to 99, 3 stars
  • 99 and above get 4 stars
The star count determines the reader cost.

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