Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our team strives to make each and every experience you have on a positive one. If it isn't, we'll credit your account for the amount of the transaction, up to a limit of $35.

To receive a refund, we ask that you do the following: provide detailed written feedback on the Reader's feedback page describing why the conversation was unsatisfactory. Give the Reader a one-star feedback rating. Submit a customer support request within seventy-two hours of the transaction for which you'd like to be credited. Please include the transaction ID number when submitting your refund request.

We will review your claim, assess if a refund can be made, and credit your account, either partially or in full. For us to credit your account, you must have a valid payment method on file with Account credits are made in Binnaz Credits and are useable for future readings. We will reimburse up to one unsatisfactory transaction per month.

Refund Policy

"At the point of unsatisfaction of our readings please write to us without hesitation. We would like to refund your reading or gift you fortune credits to compensate."

  • Bronze Category: Has one compensation right each month
  • Silver Category: Has two compensation rights each month
  • Gold Category: Has three compensation rights each month
There are no compensations for the Astrology section.