Our Story

Our Story

Binnaz, also affectionately known as "Binnaz", was born and raised in Ankara, Turkey. She studied Pharmacology at Gazi University and operated her own pharmacy for over 35 years.

As the youngest child in a typical bustling Turkish family, she was exposed to coffee cup reading at an early age by her own mother, aunties and neighbours. In Turkish tradition, Turkish coffee is a communal and social treat. It is prepared with great care for guests and is an important gesture of hospitality. Typically, the best coffee cup readers are older Turkish women. However, Binnaz developed a knack for it at a very early age and was often introduced by friends and family to new acquaintances, not only as a pharmacist, but also the best coffee cup reader around!

Over the years, Binnaz became somewhat of a local celebrity within her community due to her incredibly accurate and detailed readings. Friends, both local and even from abroad would email her photos of their coffee cups to get their personalized reading. As the requests increased, "binnaz.com" (binnaz.com) was born! This online service was founded by her son, Sertac and was given as a birthday present in October of 2010 so Binnaz could share her passion and hobby with not only her immediate network, but a broader audience too. What started as a fun pastime, has grown and flourished into a full service fortune telling destination ranging from turkish coffee cup readings to tarot card, to astrological readings.

Just as Binnaz herself puts great care, time, and thought into each coffee cup that she reads, so do the rest of our fortune tellers. We have a genuine passion for bringing positive, open, and honest interpretations and advice to assist our customers overcome obstacles, make critical decisions, or assist in whatever they are facing in their day to day life.
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